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"Such a cool service" -M, May 10, 2021



What We Do

  1. Give us a call, text, or email, and we will set up a time (that is convenient for you) to fix your bike

  2. We will come to your location at the set time and fix your bike

  3. Payment is by Cash or e-transfer

  4. Happy riding!

Hours of Operation

Leave a message now!

Hi, Thanks for getting in touch! After a lot of deliberation, we have decided to move Today Bike Repair mobile bicycle repair services to Hamilton, ON. We have no direct plans to service the commmunity of Downtown Toronto, but you can still email at with any specific requests. Thank you, Toronto for a great 2.5 years of business. cs


An additional fee starting at $10 will be added for repairs outside of this range
Range: East of Humber River, South of Davenport Road, West of Don River, North of Lake Ontario Shoreline

East of Humber River, South of Davenport Road, West of Don River, North of Lake Ontario Shoreline
Repairs are available outside this range for an additional fee.


All labour prices include travel time within the main range. Additional charges may apply.

Flat Tire: $35

Complicated Flat Tire: $60
patched tubes available

Safety Check / Tune Up: $60-$80 based on time spent on repair
a high quality basic repair where the safety of the bike is ensured and all parts are put into working order


Brake Pads: $15
Cable: $5
Housing: $5-$10
Brake Noodle: $5
Spoke: $1.50
Small Parts: $0.50-$1
Inner Tube: $7-$10
Chain: $30 and up

Additional Charges May Apply:
Tightening Bottom Bracket in Frame: $10
Inner Tube Swap: $10-15
Spoke Tension Adjustment: $5-$35 Hub Overhaul: $35

Custom Wheel Building: $120
contact us to discuss the details of your new wheel



our mechanic, Edward (Chris) Christopher
Edward "Chris" Christopher has been riding in Toronto for 15 years and has worked as a professional bicycle mechanic at a busy downtown shop for half of those. He has built hundreds of truly strong wheels. You can rest assured that your bike is in good hands when he comes to work on it!

What's in a Repair?
In a basic tune up we will go over your whole bike, right to left. Check amount of wear on tires, brakepads, drivetrain; check for movement and grease on seatpost and quill stems; check handlebar clamp bolts; check wheel trueness and spoke tension, check axle nuts or quick releases; eliminate tightness or looseness in hubs, headset, bottom bracket; check pedals, crank bolts; check all accessories; brake pad and brake caliper positioning, brake cable tension; cleaning, lubrication of drivetrain; derailleur positioning and limits, gear cable tension.

What if it rains?
If you have a dry place to work like a porch, terrace, or garage, we can do the repair there. If not, we'll have to reschedule.

What if there's a global pandemic?
As of writing, bicycle repair is considered an essential service. We insist to remain at a 2m distance from other people. Just unlock your bike and step away. If requested, bike and any cash payments will be disinfected with isopropyl alcohol after service. Payment may also be made by etransfer.

Customer Testimonials
"Bike was [great but] my legs weren't as great haha" -A, April 28
"It's so smooth. Possibly the best shape it's been in the 11 years I've had it. Good!" -S, May 12
"The work you did on the Surly was great" -O, May 30
"Chris at Today Bike Repair is a bike perfectionist. My bike rides like it did when I bought it 25 years ago, thanks to his skills" -JA, August 24

"It's like a whole other bike!" -Z, March 19
"This is a great service. I'll definately use it again" -R, April 12
" husband took the bike out and says it feels great - totally different!" -F, April 12
"Thanks for your excellent work Chris!" -M, April 21
"Such a cool service" -M, May 10 "Chris... smooth ride home tonight. Thanks so much!" -J, Aug 26
"Good morning Chris Just a note of appreciation for the work you did on my bicycle. It rides so much better! Thank you." -R, Oct 8
"Thanks Chris it rides like a BMW" -D Nov 25

Fine Print
A Complicated Flat Tire is one where there are extra steps involved in the process, beyond changing the inner tube. This may include: working around a chain case or other frame accessories; an unweildly or overly rusty bike; and in some cases internally geared hubs. We reserve the right to refuse service if we deem a bike unsafe or if it has too many proprietary parts, or if the working conditions are unsafe.